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Theatre on Ice is a form of competitive figure skating that is popular in Europe, where it is known as Ballet on Ice.  It combines the grace of figure skating with the excitement of theater and dance.  Currently, the only prerequisite to take part in one of our Theatre on Ice productions is to be a member of US Figure Skating.  Skaters may be any level to participate!  As our program develops, we plan on eventually developing formal, competitive Theater on Ice teams, however at this point; we are excited to perform shows at the local level.

2014 Theatre on Ice Spring Production: Broadway On Ice

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The inaugural holiday production, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” was held in December of 2012 and was a hit with audience and cast members alike.  We stepped-it-up even more in December of 2013 with our production of “The Nutcracker On Ice”.  We are planning three productions in 2014 with the first coming this spring: “Broadway on Ice”.  Practices start April 5th.   

Skaters interested in an on-ice, theatrical experience can reap great rewards from joining a production!  Opportunities include:

  • Developing the dramatic side of skating.
  • Performing in front of a crowd.
  • Being part of a team while continuing to utilize technical skills.
  • Making new friends.
  • For competitive skaters, the opportunity perform without judges and scoring.

Past Mid-South Ice House Theatre on Ice Productions include:

  • December 2013 – “The Nutcracker On Ice”
  • December 2012 – Dr. Seuss’ “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”

All participants must hold USFS Insurance, valid from July 1 – June 30 each year.  Insurance may be purchased online or at the Ticket Office.  Those enrolled in both the Learn to Skate Program and Figure Skating Academy only need to pay the annual fee one time each year.