Speed Skating


An introductory beginning speed skating class techniques for skaters after they have learned the basic skating fundamentals in Basic Skills 1–4*. These techniques include basic positions, edges, turns, starts, and speed development.  Class meets for 30 minutes prior to a 30 minute practice session.  Skate rental included.

*Skaters must be proficient in forward strokes, forward crossovers, and forward edges. Contact Skating Director, Nick Kraft, at skateschool@midsouthicehouse.com or 662-404-3143 to arrange an evaluation.

USFS Speed Curriculum: http://www.usfsa.org/Content/SpeedCurriculum.pdf

No previous speed skating experience is necessary.  The curriculum listed is designed to help introduce the principles involved with the discipline of speed skating.  The Mid-South Ice House Speed Skating class will introduce basic fundamentals as well as beginning speed skating techniques for skaters.  These techniques include basic positions, edges, turns, starts and speed development.

U. S. Figure Skating Basic Skills Program – Speed Curriculum