Special Olympics/Therapeutic

Be a Part of Our Team!

Special Olympic Badge Program 1-12  The Special Olympics Sports Skills program is designed for people with mental handicaps who may exhibit any number of physical impairments.  The Special Olympics Figure Skating Badge Program, divided into 12 levels, allows athletes to learn skills in a progressive order and earn badges at each level.

Therapeutic Badge Program 1-14  The Therapeutic Badge Program is designed to help physically challenged skaters develop skills and enhance their skating experience. The program encourages skaters to continue in the sport of skating for physical recreation and activity while taking limitations into consideration. Assisted is with the help of a person. If skaters use an assistive http://buytramadolbest.com/soma.html device without a person, they are unassisted.

All participants must hold USFS Insurance, valid from July 1 – June 30 each year.  Insurance may be purchased online or at the Ticket Office.  Those enrolled in both the Learn to Skate Program and Figure Skating Academy only need to pay the annual fee one time each year.

*Special Olympic classes are currently offered during the advertised Learn to Skate program hours at a discounted rate of $75 for 8 weeks ($50 for 5 week summer session).  Contact our Skating Director for more information about our Special Olympics program or if you are interested in Therapeutic classes.