Skate Care Tips

Skate Care

Take Care of Your Investment

Protecting Your Blades
  • NEVER walk on concrete, metal, or other hard surfaces while wearing your skates without guards!
  • Only use hard blade guards to walk around in your skates when not on the ice.
  • Always wipe any ice or moisture off the blade after each skate use.
  • Never store your blades with the hard blade guards still on, use the soft soaker guards instead.
Ice Skate Survival Kit (available at Gear-Up Skate Supply)
  • Hard Blade Guards: To protect your blades when walking on hard surfaces such as concrete, tile, or rock.
  • Soft Soakers Guards: To absorb moisture off the blade during storage and after skating.
  • Towel: To wipe down the blade after skating.
  • Skating Bag: To carry skates and other items.
Breaking in New Skates
  • All skates take time to break in, but will eventually feel more comfortable.  Don’t be discouraged if your feet hurt or if you get blisters.  Talk to your coach if you have any questions.
  • To help mold the leather to your feet more quickly, put on a pair of warm, damp cotton socks.  Put your skates on and lace up.  Sit with your skates on like this for 15-20 minutes several times until skates feel more comfortable. Do this a few times the first week.
  • Be sure to stop and give your feet a break when breaking in a pair of boots.  During the first two weeks, step off the ice every 30 minutes, untie your skates and let your feet breathe for about a minute before retying.
  • Consider purchasing silicone gel pads (Bunga Pads) for trouble areas like your ankles or the top of the boot.  These are available in the pro shop and online.
  • When you first take the ice, leave the top two notches untied.  Skate for about 10 hours, then add a notch.  After about 20 hours of skating, your skates should be broken in properly.
  • All skates should fit snugly. Skates should fit tight around the ankle to protect it.  Toes should be a thumb’s width from the end of the boot.  When skating, the ankles should be straight.  If they are not, the blade may need to be moved or there is a fitting issue.
  • Skates will need to be sharpened every few months. When the skater notices that his or her feet are slipping on the ice, it is probably time to get the skates sharpened.  The skate blade will be sharp.  Never grab the skate by the blade, because it may cut you.