Open Hockey

Open Hockey includes Stick-and-Puck and Drop-in sessions.  You do not have to be in a league to participate.


Adult/Youth Stick-N-Puck

  • One hour of stick time.
  • Some sessions are age-specific (see Calendar under ‘Schedule’ tab).

Adult/Youth Drop-in Hockey

  • Maximum of 30 Skaters and 4 Goalies.
  • First come, First Serve.
  • Some sessions are age-specific (see Calendar under ‘Schedule’ tab).
  • Some sessions are invitational only (see Calendar under ‘Schedule’ tab).
  • Goalies play for free.


  • Stick-and-Puck*:  $11.50.
  • Drop-In:  $17.25 (goalies play for free).
*We now offer swipe cards for use at all Stick-and-Pucks.
  • 16 sessions for $168
  • 33 sessions for $320

Please view our Calendar for list of times for our Open Hockey sessions.



  • Requires caged helmet, stick, and gloves.
  • No shots aimed toward the side glass.


  • Requires full-equipment.
  • 30 players and 4 goalies max.