Practice Session for Figure Skating – $10/hour

Please view our calendar for freestyle scheduling.  As always, the calendar is subject to change without notice.

Figure skaters need dedicated ice to safely practice their jumps, spins and footwork.  Freestyles are one or two hour sessions dedicated for this purpose.  We offer Freestyle Cards that reward investing upfront.  To purchase the cards, please visit the Ticket Office.

Freestyle Card Packages


Free Sessions




10 pack




61 days

25 pack




122 days

50 pack




183 days

For safety purposes, there is a maximum of 25 skaters per session.  Each freestyle participant is asked to follow the safety and courtesy rules and guidelines.  Failure to follow these rules may result in a warning, removal off the ice, or the loss of ice privileges.  All Freestyle participants must sign an annual waiver available at the Ticket Office.

  1. Each freestyle participant must have paid for the ice time and signed in before stepping on the ice.
  2. Standing, talking, sitting, or game playing on the ice is not allowed.
  3. Chewing gum and food are not allowed on the ice.  Bottled water or sports drinks are permitted.
  4. Skaters may not use headphones while skating.
  5. Freestyle CDs will be placed in a rotation order.  They will be played in the order they are submitted. The exception is CDs of skaters in a private lesson.  After the lesson, that CD will be placed at the end of the rotation order.
  6. Areas of practice:
    1. Spins are practiced in the center of the arena
    2. Jumps are executed in the perimeter
    3. Practicing of choreography and other connecting steps must be kept moving
  7. The Right of Way
    1. In a lesson using the jump or pole harness
    2. Running through programs with music in a lesson
    3. Running through programs with music out of a lesson
    4. In a lesson
    5. Out of a lesson
  8. Treat other skaters and coaches with respect at all time.  The golden rule “treat others as you would like to be treated” is a general rule of courtesy of the MSIH.